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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I enjoy your newsletters and advice for people like me who are computer illiterate regarding the technical issues of computers! ha!
Thank you for your service!

Here’s my reason for writing……..

My previous computer was a windows XP. It was also my very first computer! After I had had it for a little while, a friend of mine encouraged me to download Firefox as my default web browser, because of security issues with IE, and I did, with no problems.

I finally had to replace that computer after several years and got a Windows 7. This was about a year ago. I never got around to downloading another web browser on this one because, it being new at the time, it was much faster and I wasn’t having any problems, so I just left it alone.

I’m still not having any BIG problems, however, I’ve been thinking about changing browsers and can’t decide whether to go back to Firefox or try Google’s Chrome.

I read in one of your newsletters that you prefer the Chrome browser.
Is this still your preference? I know very little about any of this and would appreciate your input!

Thank you! Debbie

Dear Debbie,

I still use Chrome as my browser. While the difference between Internet Explorer and Chrome has become less over time (IE has become more like Chrome) it still works best for my needs.

Since you were used to Firefox, it might make more sense for you to download and install the browser that you are used to.

It would not harm your computer at all if you installed both Firefox and Chrome, then after trying them both out, you can decide which browser best meets your needs and use that one.

I keep all three browsers installed on my computer so that I can view websites that I am working on in all the browsers. It is easier to catch potential coding issues that way.



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    • Barbie1943
    • November 16, 2013

    I quit IE at about IE6. Then I went to Mozilla Firefox and loved it. Then when Chrome came along I had both Mozilla Firefox and Chrome and found myself using Chrome most and it is my first choice. I recently bought a Chromebook and love it too. If you use Chrome as your browser the transition to the Chromebook is seamless.

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