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Google Calendar Lesson

Adding events to the calendar.

Now that we have created our own calendar, and adjusted the basic settings, it is time to put our appointments and events in the calendar.

Google calendar appointments can be one time events, or events that repeat on a regular basis. You can have them just show up on the calendar


Let’s get started by adding a simple event. I am using the month view for this example, but it works the same way in the week, or day view as well.

Start off by clicking on the day you want the event to happen and a bubble will appear with spaces to type the name for your event, and links to either create the event, or edit event details.


I am creating an event for Tuesday evening, so I will type “appointment at bridal shop” in the “What” section

Next, I choose what calendar to put the appointment in. I currently have two calendars, one for personal appointments, and another for meal planning (I have to start using that one soon) I want to use my personal calendar, so I have it selected, and then I could either click “Create event” or if I want to, I can edit even more details about my appointment.

Let’s click “Edit event details” and see what we want to do.


We have already filled in the “What” section, but the “When” section has “All Day” checked off, and my appointment is at 7:30pm.

If you remove the check mark from “All Day”, You will be able to fill in a time for your appointment.


Since this is a one time appointment, I will leave the “Repeats:” section the way it is.

If you want, you can fill in a location for your appointment, select the calendar you want it to appear in, and type a description.

Now, we move on to the options for your event.


Here you can add a reminder by clicking the “Add a reminder” link.

You can choose an e-mail reminder that will be sent to your email address, or a pop-up reminder that will pop up if you have the calendar open.


Put in a number and select if you want the reminder to occur in minutes, hours, days, or weeks before the event. If it is an appointment, you can have it remind you just before it is time to leave for the appointment, or if it is a birthday, you can have the reminder be a few days in advance to give you time to shop for a gift.

If you want to get really detailed about your appointment, you can even specify if you will be available or if you will just be busy. Don’t worry about this option if it doesn’t really apply to your calendar needs.

You don’t have to worry about the privacy options, unless you are sharing your calendar with others.

Click the “Save” button and you will return to your calendar with the new appointment in place.
Since our first calendar appointment was so easy, let’s try adding an event that repeats on a regular basis like a birthday.

We get started the same way as before, click on the date of your event, and then click “edit event details” just like before.

Hint: If that date is a long way off, click on any day in front of you, and you can change the date in the event details window.


As you can see in the screen shot above, I have entered the name of my event, the date, and I have checked off the “All day” box since a birthday is an all day event.


I then clicked the drop down list next to, “Repeats:” and selected “Yearly”.

I have left the “Repeat every” and “Range” settings as they are since the birthday will repeat every year, and I don’t have an end date.

Now you can fill out the rest of the information for your event, you might even want to add the year the person was born in the “Details” section so you will know how old they are.


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