Google Calendar Reminders

Once you have created events in your Google calendar, you have different options for receiving event reminders. You can have reminders emailed to you, sent via cell phone text messages, or if you keep your calendar open most of the time, you can have simple pop-up messages in Google Calendar itself.

I want to start by selecting an event that is already in my calendar, and just add a reminder to that event.

My birthday is coming up in October, so I will use that for my example. When I click once on my event, a small box appears with two links, one to delete the event (no, I don’t want to delete my birthday) and a link to edit the event details. I clicked on “edit event details”.


Here you see all the details of my event. The date and the fact that it is an all day event, followed by the fact that it repeats once a year on the same date. For a date range, I put that it started in 1962, and will never expire (I will expire, but my birthday might live on in infamy *grin*)

As you can see, there are two sections on the right of my settings, one allows you to add guests to your event, and the other is for options including, setting reminders for your event. Let’s take a closer look at the reminders section.


Start by clicking on the link that says, “Add a reminder”.


When you click on the drop down list, you will be able to choose between an email reminder, or a pop-up reminder. The email reminder will send you an email even if you don’t have your calendar open, but the pop-up reminders will only be displayed if you keep a web page with your Google calendar open on your computer.


Do you want to be reminded of your events minutes, hours, days, or weeks before the event? You can make this selection in the second drop down list. I like to be reminded of birthdays (other than my own) a week or two ahead of time so that I can send a card or a gift. If your event is an appointment, you might want to be reminded just a few hours or minutes ahead of time.


Once you have selected either minutes, hours, days or weeks, just put in the number. As you can see above, I have selected a pop-up reminder two days before the event.

Now, you are ready to save your changes. Click on one of the “Save” buttons located at the top and bottom of left side of your event details.

You probably noticed that my example above did not include text message reminders. If you want to have that option, you need to set it up ahead of time in your settings.

From the main page of your calendar, click on “Settings” in the upper right-hand corner, then click on the “Mobile Setup” link.

Select your country from the drop down list, then enter your cell phone number in the “Phone number:” box.

Click the button that says, “Send Verification Code” and a text message will be sent to your cell phone.

Enter the number from the message on your phone in the “Verification code” box and click the “Finish Setup” button.

Now, when you set a reminder for an event, you will see that SMS is also an option in the drop down list.


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