Google Calendar Settings

Google Calendar Settings.

When I start using a new program, I like to go to the settings and customize the program to my preferences. There are lots of things that you can customize in the Google Calendar settings, so let’s take a look.

To access your Google calendar settings, open your calendar, and click on the link in the top-right corner of the page that says, “Settings”.

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On your calendar settings page, you will see that there are four pages of settings, a general page, a settings page for calendars, mobile setup, and labs.


The General page allows you to select general settings like your language, time zone, first day of the week and more.

The Calendars page allows you to create and manage multiple calendars. This way, you can put private information on one calendar that only you can see, and share information on a public calendar.

The mobile setup page allows you to send alerts from your calendar to your cell phone.

The labs page contains new features that are still being developed by Google. Since they are still in the development stage, some might not work as well as you would like.

We are going to start with the general page, shown below.

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As you can see, the first few settings are pretty basic. You select your language, the country you live in, and the time zone you are using.

Next, you can select your date format. There are three choices, just click on the drop down arrow and click on the format that you prefer.

8-18-2009 11-09-29 AM

The time format offers you two choices, 12 hour time, or military time.

8-18-2009 11-11-59 AM

Next, you can select the day you want your week to start on. This simply lists your chosen day first on the calendar. Your choices are Sunday, Monday, or Saturday.

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You can choose to have your Google calendar show weekends, or hide them. If this is a business calendar, and you don’t work on weekends, you can go ahead and hide them. If not, make sure “Yes” is selected so that you can see your weekends.

8-18-2009 1-38-58 PM

When you first open your calendar, it displays the week view. If you prefer a different view, select it in the “Default view” section.

8-18-2009 2-34-06 PM

Next, you can select the specific number of days that will be displayed in your custom view. Your choices range from 2 days to 4 weeks.

8-18-2009 2-54-56 PM

Weather forecast on your calendar.

One of the cool features in Google calendar, is the ability to display the weather for the current day and the next three days. All you have to do, is tell Google where you are in the settings, and then select either °Celsius or °Fahrenheit.

First, for your location, simply type your zip code in the “Location” box.

Then, select the format you want your weather shown in.

Click one of the “Save” buttons to save your changes, and return to your calendar.

8-18-2009 3-16-16 PM

When you have the forecast on your Google calendar, four days (starting with the current day) will have a small weather icon at the top of the day.

8-18-2009 3-06-04 PM

Click on one of those small icons to open a small window with details for that day’s forecast. As you can see below, I wrote this lesson during a hot spell.

8-18-2009 3-08-27 PM


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