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Dear Computer Lady,

I have subscribed to your newsletter for a very long time and you have helped me without your even knowing it, but now I need help and hope you can clear this up for me.

I had Google Drive open, looking at my photos. I was going to try to mark 4 of them so I could print them off.

Something happened as I was trying to mark them and the print got so small I cannot read it, also the photos are tiny and when I click on them they do not get as big as they should.
Any clue how I might get this back to normal? It won’t be very useful this way.

Thank you for any help you might give, Marilyn in Ohio

Dear Marilyn,

It sounds like you probably changed the size of your web page.

My guess is that you were holding down the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard to select more than one picture, and accidentally moved the scroll wheel on your mouse. This would change the magnification, or zoom of your browser.

To put it back to normal, you can either go to “Settings” and then “Zoom” and change it back to 100%, or hold down the “Ctrl” key scroll with the mouse wheel until it is the size you want.



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