Green Check Mark Missing

Dear Computer Lady,

I uninstalled google toolbar in error. Now I installed it again but it does not have the green check mark beside eadch search to tell me it is a safe site.

How do I get this back?

Thanks, Jeanne


Dear Jeanne,

I have the Google toolbar installed, but it does not give me a green checkmark. I also looked through all the options in the google toolbar settings, and did not find any reference to what you are describing.

I also have the AVG toolbar installed. AVG has a feature called Link Scanner, which scans search results and places a safety rating next to each link. This lets you know which sites can be trusted and which sites you should avoid.

I think this might be the green check marks you are talking about.

You can download just the LinkScanner at:

Or, you can get it as part of their Internet Protection program. This is the antivirus software that I have been using for years without any infections.

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    • rockytopp
    • July 31, 2010

    I think what you are looking for is SiteAdvisor by McAfee. You can use this plug in to check out unfamiliar sites to know if they are safe or not. They will indicate the safety by check marks….green for safe, yellow or red for unsafe. They will also tell you how much Spam is generated by the site. You can download this from I have been using it for several years. When I first downloaded it, it was now by McAfee, but has always worked well for me.
    Harlean from Arkansas

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