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Dear Computer Lady,

Somehow my Chrome page has been hijacked by a nasty browser called Binkisland. I cannot find a way to get rid of it other than to download more spyware such as Spyware Clear (I think that’s what it’s called). Luckily I researched that before I used it.

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much. You’ve never failed to answer my questions. Terrie

Dear Terrie,

There has been a lot of this type of browser hijacking going on lately. What happens is that the browser gets set to a search engine with an affiliate link embedded, then when you go to search for something, the malware writer gets advertising revenue from your searches.

Your best bet for getting rid of this type of thing is to use Malwarebytes. You can find a link that is not infected on my website at: www.asktcl.com just click on the “Computer Questions” page and scroll down in the left column.

If that doesn’t undo the home page hijack, bring it in to myself or your local computer repair shop and we would be happy to fix it for you. There are several ways that the malware can set your home page, and many of them involve editing the registry, which is not something you should do yourself.



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