How Do I Copy & Paste A Webpage?

Hi Elizabeth,

I am hoping that you can help me.

I am using Opera 12.02 as my browser – great one -, I often want to print out a quilt design with instruction and pictures.

I highlight the design and then copy it, open Word and paste, unfortunately the pictures don’t come thru.

I also find if I print directly from the page, the pictures will be all out of sync with the instructions, they are either printed at the beginning or the end of the instructions.
It is very frustrating as the pictures relate to the paragraph, have tried Googling for a solution, but have been unable to find any help.

Many thanks for accepting my email and for any help you can give me.

Regards, Judy

Dear Judy,

I have not used Opera myself, but I could instantly relate to your issue of copying a web page and pasting into Word and the pictures not being part of what you pasted.

I have found that when I copy items from a web page like that, I first highlight the article (pictures and all) and copy, then paste into my document.

Only the text is pasted into my document, so I then go back and right click on each picture, copy it and paste it into my document.

I am pretty sure that this problem is not with the browser you are using, but in how web pages are made. When you write the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) the text is part of the HTML file, but images are in their own files, and a link to the images is placed in the HTML.

You have prompted me to install Opera on my computer. I am going to have fun trying it out.


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    • September 22, 2012

    I have found in using WORD that when I copy/paste with pictures/graphs etc., once I paste and see only text, that if I change View to Print Layout, the picture will show up.

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