How Do I Get Internet Pop-Ups To Stop?

Hi Computer Lady:

I love your newsletter and have used much of your info.

I use Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird.

I’m having a problem with a pop-up called “Text Enhance” which keeps highlighting words on the web pages and pops up with a window showing relevant info & shortcuts.

It’s very annoying and I never use it. I’m not sure how I downloaded it and would like to remove from my computer.

Thanks, Mary


Dear Mary,

It sounds like you have been infected with some malware. How do you get malware? Most likely, you downloaded a free program of some kind, and as an added bonus, you got some “helpful” malware program as well.

Text Enhance is actually listed in your program files as “I Want This”.

To get rid of the popups, open your control panel, go to “Uninstall A Program” and remove the program named, “I Want This”.


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