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Dear Computer Lady,

How do I stop all the ads from filling the screen when using the internet. I have added ADBLOCK to my Firefox but it does not stop the ads like PriceLess and many others. I am actually using Windows 10 Preview Version 10122.

Also would like to know how to block all the programs sneaking in when I download some programs???

Thank you, John

Dear John,

It sounds like you are infected with some malware, and you are right in guessing that it is probably sneaking in with programs that you downloaded.

The only way to stop all the ads from filling your screen is to get rid of the malware.

The problem is, how do you get rid of the malware without downloading and installing more malware in the process?

Often, a good anti-malware program like Malwarebytes will be able to detect almost all the malware that you are infected with, and get rid of it for you. The problem is that when people search for programs like this, they find lots of options in their search results, and most of the options are really just fake programs loaded with even more malware, even worse, some of the search results are linked to call centers in a foreign country who get you to call them, and then charge hundreds of dollars on your credit card to “Fix” your computer, when it really isn’t broken in the first place.

You can find the real Malwarebytes at

Download and install the program, then run a full scan, it will really clean up your computer.

In the future, when you download a program, make sure you carefully read every screen both before your download and during the instalation process. When you see a statement with a check mark in front of it that says something like, “Also install the great search by Ask app” (that was just an example) make sure you click to remove the check mark before proceeding. That is the only way to block these unwanted programs from sneaking in.



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    • chrisverhoeven
    • June 28, 2015

    Hi john,

    i loved your question, which is a common problem that lots of people are having.

    as an extension on what Elizabeth says, i would like to suggest you to never use the Default or Basic installation option, when you download some software.

    Most free software comes with lots of 3rd party software, which you not want. You can recognize this, when you install 1 program, but get 2 or more pictograms on your taskbar. And this makes your system a lot slower too.

    So, when you install a program, you should choose for custom installation. Then during the installation process, you’ll see other screens as well, offering 3rd party software to be installed. Make sure to uncheck these or click on the “No thanks” link.

    When you choose for the standard installation option, these extra will automatically be installed with it.

    Just make sure to read every screen carefully and not just click on the “ok” button as it shows up. Keep thinking for yourself.

    Hope this helps,



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