How do I sync My Calendar?

Dear Computer Lady,

Hi Elizabeth, I read your column in our Weekly Sentinel each week, and I admire your expertise!

I have been using a blackberry with Outlook for my professional and family scheduling for years.

I would like to transfer my calendar to my iPad2 and, if possible, have the BB and the iPad sync to each other. Possible? If so, how?

I have Microsoft 2003 on my computer, but am willing to upgrade to 2007 is needed.

Thanks for your help. I may be asking the impossible, but at least then I’d know it.



Dear Karen,

There is probably not a smooth way to accomplish all the transferring and syncing that you want to do, but because you are using an iPad2, there is an option for syncing that should work across all your internet connected devices.

If you have not updated your iPad2 to IOS5, you will need to do that first.

Then, sign up for an iCloud account.

Tap the “Settings” icon on your iPad, then tap “iCloud”.

Once you have an account, turn on “Calendars” in the list of apps you can sync to iCloud.

You can actually sync your iCloud account with Outlook. PCWORLD has a nice article explaining how to do it:

The one thing that is great about iCloud is that you can log in with your web browser, and use your calendar and contacts. I use this on my PC and my laptop. I have not tried it, but it is possible you can use the iCloud apps in your browser window on your blackberry.

Hopefully this helps with your scheduling.


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