How To Clear History in Firefox

Dear Computer Lady,

I used to have internet explorer and now I have Firefox.

How do I delete cookies, and temporary internet files and history in firefox?

Thanks, Linda

Dear Linda,

Mozilla Firefox groups your cookies, temporary files and history together and calls them all “History”. Here is how to clear the Firefox history.

1. Open Firefox and click the menu button in the upper-right corner of the window. (The menu button has three horizontal lines)

2. In the menu click on the “History” icon.

3. Click, “Clear Recent History” and a small dialog box will appear.

4. Click the time range drop down list to select the range of history to remove. You can delete only history for the last hour or two, everything for the day, or all the stored history.

5. Click the drop down arrow next to “Details” and select the items you want to remove, including cookies, the cache, and offline website data.

6. Click the “Clear Now” button.



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