How To Create A Webpage Shortcut on The Desktop

Dear Computer Lady,

I have read your e-mail for years and you have helped me a lot.

I download windows 10.

On 8, I could right click on a web page and get ‘CREATE A SHORTCUT”

I can’t seem to do that with windows 10. .

How can I create a shortcut on the desktop from a web page?
Thank you, Wimons

Dear Wimons,

When you download Windows 10, you also get Microsoft’s newest browser, Edge. It has replaced Internet Explorer.

In Edge, you are no longer able to right click on a web page and use “Create A Shortcut”. In fact, Edge only has two or three right-click options.

I have done a little bit of research, and so far, the only browsers that allows you to quickly and easily create a shortcut on your desktop are, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

In both Chrome and Firefox, you simply drag the small icon to the left of the address of a web page from the address bar to your desktop and it creates a shortcut.



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