How To Find Grocery Coupons

Dear Computer Lady,

Do you know of a safe website to obtain grocery store coupons?

I have looked at several, but it seems that they require you to download some kind of software of tool bar.

Is this safe? Barbi


Dear Barbi,

I don’t know of any safe websites that have grocery store coupons. Hopefully, someone will have a good site that they would like to share in a comment.

What I do want to tell you, is to beware of scams and spyware downloads when searching for the word “coupons”. It seems to be a word that people search for a lot, and therefore it is a word that scammers use to attract their unsuspecting victims.

Many of the toolbars you can download that are supposed to help you, really just do things like display advertisements, or even redirect your browser to advertisers web pages.

I would search online for coupon user groups, and find out what those people are using to obtain grocery store coupons.


It’s Your Turn, what do you think?

Do you save money using coupons that you have found online? Share your coupon tips in the comments box below.

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    • Dowlen75
    • September 9, 2011

    I have been printing coupons off the internet for quite some time now.
    There are two software programs that I have downloaded and used. These are safe to use, and will work on must coupon sites. has a software download called “coupon printer for Windows,” that in installed on your system. This is just program that sends the coupons to your printer. also has a program called “Coupon Manager” that you have to down load so that you can print their coupons. had a Free Coupon Toolbar to download which will tell you when some coupons are available, I haven’t used this because I don’t want another toolbar. Yahoo. and Google are enough.
    Here are some sites that you can get grocery coupons.,,,

    My . This is a membership site where you earn points for reading e mails, points for shopping through their site. From there you can print grocery coupons when you print and use them you get extra points.
    There are many sites that have coupons. If you go to a particular products website, such as you can even find coupons there.
    Go get those coupons, they will save you a lot of money.

    • vfzandgps
    • October 13, 2011

    There are a lot of sites for Free grocery (and other things) coupons that are very safe and SPAM free. Some of my favorites are:

    For the weekly coupons from newspapers-
    2. (this one has links for,,, and on the home page)

    Other favorite Freebie sites are:
    8., and

    None of the above sites send SPAM or contain any malware !!

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