How To Get Rid of Bing

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Can you help me get BING completely off my computer?

I hate it and the way it just takes over your computer.

Thanks, Lynda

Dear Lynda,

Bing is a product of Microsoft, so of course they want it to be part of your life. You can, however, get rid of it completely.

Lets start by removing any Bing toolbars or search items in the Control Panel.

1. The easiest way to get to the Control Panel in Windows 8, is to tap the windows logo key on your keyboard, then type, “Control Panel” in the search box, and click on Control Panel in the search results.

2. Once in the Control Panel, click on, “Uninstall a Program”.

3. It might take a minute for all your installed programs to load, but once they do, find any Bing products, click on it once, then click, “Uninstall” in the toolbar at the top of the list.

4. Repeat if there is more than one Bing product in the list.

Once you have removed products there, it is time to remove Bing from your browser.

1. Go back to the Control Panel, and click on, “Network and Internet”.

2. Click on “Internet Options”.

3. In the Internet Properties dialog box, start on the, “General” tab and make sure your home page is set to a page you want. Change it if necessary.

4. Now, click on the, “Programs” tab and click the button that says, “Manage add-ons”.

5. Look through the list of toolbars and extensions and disable any unwanted items.

6. Click on, “Search Providers” in the left column, click on “Bing” in the right column, then click the “Remove” button in the lower-right corner of the dialog box.

7. Close all the open dialog boxes, and you should be all set.



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