How To Get Rid of Start Saving BHO

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I have somehow acquired an add-on called Start Saving BHO. It has literally taken over my internet service, especially my e-mail. I use Internet Explorer 11 right now as my primary. I also have Chrome. This add-on is on both. When I try to disable it, disable is not allowed. I have tried downloading malware cleaning programs and yesterday apparently got scammed by one.

I read that you use Malwarebytes. Do you know if it would clean up the Start Saving add-on? If not, do you have any suggestions?


Dear Donnie,

It sounds like you are infected with Malware.

Malwarebytes might be able to get rid of it for you, but you have to be careful when searching for and downloading it because, as you have found out the hard way, there is even more malware out there masquerading as legitimate software.

You can find a good link to Malwarebytes on my website at in the left hand column.

You might also look in the, “Control Panel” and see if you can uninstall it from there.



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