How To Install Additional Web Browsers

Dear Computer Lady,

I understand that Microsoft is supporting Internet Explorer less and that many websites find it incompatible and prefer other browsers. I’m not ready to give up my Win 7 and IE to go with Win 10 and Edge, so I’m considering the advice you’ve given to many — download and install an additional browser.

In the case of any additional non-Microsoft browser, what else should I do (if anything) besides simply downloading and installing the alternate browser? Are there any security programs I’d need to know about? (Such as the security updates I currently do for IE) Any add-ons I’d need to do, such as Flash Player or Adobe Reader specific to the second browser? (I already have them for IE)

Thank you for all that you do, Lucille

Dear Lucille,

First, I just want to mention that you can still use Internet Explorer in Windows 10, it is still included, you just have to search for it.

Then, if you are interested in any additional non-microsoft browsers, here is the best way to install them and keep them updated.

1. Go to Here you will see a list of free software that you can download and install. Ninite is a great place to get your software because it installs it without installing any of the unwanted toolbars or advertising software that frequently sneaks in with free software.

2. In the section that says, “Pick the apps you want”, click to check off the web browsers you are interested in downloading.

3. In the “Runtimes” section, click to select any add-ons you want to install as well. Adobe reader does not need to be installed for each browser, if you already have it, you are all set.

4. Click the blue button that says, “Get Your Ninite” and save the file on your desktop. It will be named with the names of the programs you selected above.

5. Once that file has been saved to your desktop, double click it to run it. The first time you run the file, it will download and install the apps you selected.

6. Keep that file on your desktop, and double click to run it every few weeks or so. It will automatically update the browsers and runtimes without adding any unwanted software.



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