How To Install Flash Player Without Chrome

Dear Computer Lady,

I have found after installing Adobe Flash Player needed to play videos I found that I had Google Chrome integrated with it. I had it before and did not like it so I uninstalled Google Chrome and there went the ability to play videos.

I re-installed Chrome, now have my videos back but still do not like Google Chrome.

How now do I keep Flash Player without Chrome?

Thank you, Gloria

Dear Gloria,

You need to download Adobe Flash Player, but first remove the check mark in front of the option to install Chrome along with Flash Player.

Using Internet Explorer, go to:

You will see a yellow button that says, “Download now”. Don’t click on it yet.

Above that yellow button is a section that says, “Yes, install Chrome as my default browser…”

Click to remove the check mark in front of that section, then click the yellow “Download now” button.

Now follow the directions to download and install Flash Player without Google Chrome.



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    • virginia
    • May 19, 2013

    I am having trouble with flash player. When I play some games, it says I need to up date my flash player, I have (11.7), when it downloads it gets to about 47% and I get a message timed out. World Start forum says I have to delete fp from my system and download new. I do so, and several times. I’m still getting the same thing. I am aggravated with the whole thing. I was also told I had to download google chrome in order for it to work (bull cookies), I don’t like chrome either (I have FireFox, which I’m not empress with either). I have a Dell XP.

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