How To Put A Website Shortcut on my Desktop

Dear Computer Lady,

How do I get a shortcut to your website onto my desktop?

When I am on your site, and right click, the option to set up a shortcut does not appear.

Thanks, Denise

Dear Denise,

The only web browser that uses the right-click option to create a shortcut to a website is Internet Explorer, which Microsoft has now replaced with the new, Edge browser.

You didn’t mention which browser you are using, so I will give you directions for some of the most common browsers.

If you are using Firefox or Chrome

1. Go to my web page at
2. Using your mouse, click on the small lock at the beginning of the address bar.
3. Drag that lock from the address bar to your desktop, and it will automatically create a shortcut to my web page.

If you are using Edge, there is not an easy way to create a shortcut to a webpage, but you can still do it following these directions:

1. Copy or write down the web address (URL) for my web page. In this case it is
2. Right-click on a blank spot on your desktop.
3. In the context menu that appears, point to “New” and then click on “Shortcut”.
4. In the shortcut dialog either type or paste my URL and click “Next”
5. Type a name for your shortcut and click “Finish”.


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