How To Remove Toolbar

Dear Computer Lady,

When I updated Firefox, it took out my Bookmark site, and MSN Bing, and the top tool; File, Edit, View, Tools, Help,

What it left me with is “Ask.Com” of which I am not fond of. How do I get the top tool bar and my bookmark sites back and GET RID OF ASK.COM.??

Ask,com was also installed on Internet Explorer, I didn’t want it on that site either.

Thanks, B


Dear B,

You have two issues going on here, the first is that you have the Ask Toolbar installed and you don’t really want it, and the second is that the toolbars you want to have displayed in Firefox have been turned off.

Lets start with the easier fix first.

In order to display the menu bar, bookmark bar, and your Bing toolbar, you will need to follow these steps for each toolbar.

1. Right click on a blank spot near the top edge of the Firefox window. You should see a context menu that lists all your toolbars. If you see a context menu that does not list your toolbars, try right clicking on a slightly different spot. Your best spot is just to the right of the small tab with a Plus sign in it.

2. In the context menu click on one toolbar to turn it on.

Repeat steps one and two until you have all the toolbars you want to use turned back on.

You can use the same two steps above to turn off the Ask Toolbar, but if you really want to get rid of it, you can go to the Control Panel, and uninstall it there.


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