How To Remove My Name From Google Search

Dear Computer Lady,

I would like my name removed from google search.

I asked a question once and now it is in the search with some others which I am trying to delete.
I would like some privacy.

Thanks a bunch, Flo


Dear Flo,

I removed the link that you provided with your question, but I did click on it first, and I saw no reference to your name.

I’m guessing that when you see your name in Google Search, it is actually a setting saved on your computer, and not visible to the entire world.

I also went to google and searched for your name, and I found a few profiles that you have created on different social networking sites, and a question that you asked me on my Facebook page in February.

The only way to get rid of those things would be for you to close your social networking accounts, and for me to delete the conversation we had on my page. Your name would probably still show up in Google searches for a while, but when people clicked on the link, it would no longer show the page with the conversation.


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    • MardiK
    • May 16, 2012

    I may be misunderstanding, but I suspect that Flo is referring to the drop-down history that appears under the Google search slot when she starts to type something in again that begins with the first letter of her name or the question that she wants to eliminate. If that is true, Flo, just right click on your Internet Explorer shortcut on the desktop, choose Properties and click to delete your browsing history. Note: This history only appears in the memory of your own computer, Flo, not on the Internet for others to see.

    • littlepitcher
    • May 19, 2012

    Abine has a privacy protection service called “Delete Me” which will remove your name and private info from most online information gathering sites. They are thorough and provide updates and reports on their cleanups. Check Abine’s website for more info.

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