How To Stop Automatically Connecting To WiFi

Dear Computer Lady,

Is it possible to set a wi-fi default in Win7?

I have numerous offline tasks and prefer to keep wi-fi off until I need it.

Thanks, Margaret

Dear Margaret,

There are a couple ways you can stop your computer from automatically connecting to a wireless network.

The first time you connect to a wireless network, there is a check box labeled, “Connect automatically”. Just remove the check mark from that box and your computer will not automatically connect to that connection until you manually connect it.

If you already have connections that automatically connect, you will need to go to your control panel, click on “Network and Internet”, then click on “Network and sharing center”.

You should see your wifi connections listed. Click on the name of each connection to display a dialog box.

Click on the “Wireless Properties” box, and click to remove the check mark in front of “Connect automatically when this network is in range”

Click the “OK” button at the bottom of the dialog box, then close the remaining dialog box and the control panel.

This will allow you to manually connect when you want to, but leave you unconnected when you first start your computer.



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