How To Sync iPhone & Outlook

Dear Computer Lady,

Hello, I enjoy reading your newsletter and I’ve been struggling with trying to get my work outlook appointments into my iphone’s calendar so I don’t miss any appts.

I cannot access itunes at work (its blocked) to do a sync … any other ways around this?

I use Hotmail for my personal email, I think there’s some way to do it with.

Thanks, Alison in Connecticut


Dear Alison,

I have spent quite a bit of time trying to sync all my calendars together, and although I have had sporatic success, for the most part, it has not worked smoothly.

Currently, I have my appointments on my iPad, which I carry with me most of the time. When I am at home on my desktop computer, or my laptop, I access the calendar at and make changes there. Any change that I make to the icloud calendar is reflected within minutes on my iPad.

The icloud website

What I would really love to be able to do is sync my Outlook Calendar with both my Google calendar and my iPod, but so far, I have not been able to find a way to do that.


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    • mjkassoc
    • June 23, 2012

    gSyncit from Fiedlston Software allows you to automatically sync calendar and contacts from Outlook to Google, one-way or two-way, on a settable schedule. You can then sync automatically from Google to your phone using your phone’s built-in software. I don’t know about iPod (did you mean iPad?)gSyncit runs from a menu in the Outlook ribbon File tab. This works very well for me syncing to my android phone.

    The only difficulty I had was sycing contacts. During the step “Click Select Contacts within the Outlook Contacts settings to select which Outlook contact folder to sync” be sure to select the top-level contacts folder, not the sub-level file.

    Any inconsistencies in how data was entered in Outlook contacts will be painfully obvious on your phone–last name vs first name, full name vs business name, etc. If this happens, you need to edit Outlook and re-setup the Google sync.

    Keep up the good work!

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