How To Update Chrome

Dear Computer Lady,

I have had a message on my laptop saying the administrator has disabled the update for Chrome.

Since I am the administrator I would like to enable the updates. Looking at Forum entries has been very disheartening as there are so many having similar problems and the advice is just too techno for this (very) senior lady.

Can you make some suggestions please?

Thanks a lot, Aussie Rose

Dear Rose,

It looks like this problem is caused by a registry error, and can be fixed by editing the registry.

Since the registry holds all your computer settings, and changing the wrong setting can disable your computer, I suggest that you leave registry editing for the experts. I make registry changes for my customers quite often, but lets see if we can find another way to update Chrome for you.

I have not personally run across this issue, but I can tell you how to get the most updated version of Chrome.

Simply go to Chrome’s website at:
Please make sure you are at this website, and not some other website pretending to be Chrome.

On this page, you will see a blue button that says, “Download Chrome”. Click on that button.

Take a look at the terms of service, then click the “Accept and Install” button.

A file download will start. Save the file, and when it has finished downloading, double click on the file to start the install process.

This will give you the most recent version of Chrome, and while I am not certain, it just might fix your updating problem as well.



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    • MEL810
    • May 26, 2015

    If you have Windows Vista or better, make sure you have User Account Control (UAC) turned on in your admin security. If you don’t Chrome will not update. You’ll continue to get error messages even if you download a new Chrome version rather than simply update.
    Unless you have some other problem going on, this should fix the problem immediately!

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