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[ad]Hi Elizabeth,

I have a question about Java. I used to go to the site titled Idiot’s Delight to find my favorite versions of Lucas Solitaire. However, I purchased a new computer and now I can no longer play the game. I need to download the updated version of Java to be able to continue playing the game or games from this site.

I would really appreciate it if you could give me simple direction on how to do this so I don’t gunk up my computer. I just finished downloading an update of Acrobat Reader from this week’s Ask the Computer Lady news letter. Love your directions. They fit my technically disadvantaged computer skills to a T. I have been following you for years and tell all my friends about your newsletter.

Take Care and Happy Trails, Katherine in Waco

Dear Katherine,

I agree, it is very difficult these days to update our applications without also being tricked into downloading all kinds of adware, malware and other junk. It has become so difficult, that it is a service that I often provide to my customers.

Since Waco is too far away from Maine, I will give you directions here:

1. Go to
Oracle is the company that creates Java.

2. Point to the “Downloads” link near the top of the Oracle web page, and in the left-hand column, click on “Java for your computer”.

3. On the next page, click on the big, red button that says, “Free Java Download”.

4. On the next page, read the terms of use, then click the big red button that says, “Agree and Start Free Download”.

5. Save the file, then when it is finished downloading, double click the file to run the installation.

6. Click “Install” in the Java Setup Dialog box, then wait for the next dialog box.

7. Click to remove the “Add the Search App by Ask” check mark and click “Next”.

Java will finish installing and you will have a clean installation of the latest version of Java.



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    • cindym
    • May 14, 2015

    If you use Chrome as your browser, they no longer support Java. This is really inconvenient since now I have to use more than one browser when I’m using the internet. I love the simplicity of Chrome but now I use FireFox for sites that use Java. I switched to Chrome because FireFox has its own Java issues and doesn’t provide the plug-ins I need to use Java sites. IE 11 won’t work at all with the latest Java……I had to go back to Java7. I use WIN 7 Pro, so maybe Katherine won’t have any issues if she uses a different OS. Cindy

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