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Dear Computer Lady,

I used to have my address bar on the top where I could type in web sites that I wanted to visit.  It is not there anymore. How do I get it back.  I have a search bar but it is a small one.  I have one on my laptop but none on my desktop 

Mrs. Riley



Dear Mrs. Riley,

It sounds like you have accidentally closed your address bar in Internet Explorer. Here is how you can get it back:

Open Internet Explorer.

Click on “View” in the menu bar, and point to “Toolbars”.

In the submenu of “Toolbars” you will see “Address bar”, since it is not showing in your window, there is probably no check mark in front of it.

If there is no check mark in front of “Address bar” click on it once to put it back.

The address bar should now be back on your Internet Explorer window.



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