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Dear Computer Lady,

I recently changed from Internet Explorer to Chrome. I had quite a few ‘favorites’ saved in Explorer. Is there a way to have my settings transferred to Chrome? And is ‘bookmarks’ in Chrome the same thing as ‘favorites’ in Explorer?

I appreciate your newsletter; you write for those of us who have trouble understanding the computer lingo!

Thank you, Linda

Dear Linda,

You are correct, Bookmarks in Chrome is the same thing as, Favorites in Internet Explorer.

Fortunately, Chrome makes it easy to import your favorites, just follow these directions:

1 Open Google Chrome.

2. Click on the “Menu” icon in the upper-right of the window (looks like three horizontal bars)

3. Point to, “Bookmarks” in the menu, then click on “Import bookmark and settings” in the sub-menu.

4. In the, “From” section, select, “Microsoft Internet Explorer” and check off the items that you want to import.

5. Click the, “Import” button to start the process.



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