Images in WordPress Tutorial

Dear Computer Lady,

We love our website which was designed by a friend who used Word Press.

We know how to update text but are having a hard time adding pictures
and getting them aligned properly with the text. Really need some

A Word Press user who would talk us thru problems would be the best.
I’m sure you will have an answer for our immediate picture problem.

Thanks. Teddi

Dear Teddi,

You are in luck, I am a WordPress user!

I use WordPress to publish my articles every week. WP allows me to
keep an archive of articles on my site that users like you can search
through for answers to their computer questions.

Adding pictures to a WordPress post is not hard, but there are a lot
of steps, so lets get started:

1. Save a copy of each image on your computer.

I usually don’t need my images once I have put them on WordPress, so I save them on my desktop. Makes them easy to delete them afterward.

Also, give each image a descriptive name. It will help the search engines find you. For Example, wordpress_tutorial01.jpg is much better than, image001.

2. Open your WordPress dashboard and either start a new post, or go to the post you want to add the images to and click “Edit”

3. Click once in the location you want your image to be in. If it is going to be in between two paragraphs, click to put your insertion point there. If you want your text to flow around the image, click at the top of the paragraph you want to have next to the image.

4. Click the small multimedia link that says, “Upload/Insert”. An “Add Media” dialog box will appear. You can either drag your image from the desktop to the dialog box, or click on the, “Select Files” button to find and insert your image.

5. Once the image has uploaded, the, “Add Media” dialog box will change to give you options for working with your image. Adding a title, Alternate Text and description are not something that you have to do, but they are important to have if you want better search engine results.

6. Below the description and link URL sections is the Alignment section. This is how you get the image aligned properly with the text. If you want the image by itself with text above and below, select “None”. If you want the text to flow around your image, select either “left”, “Center” or “Right”

7. Last, select the size you want your image to be, and click the “Insert into Post” button.


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