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Dear Computer Lady,

I tried out your free trial for greeting cards online, and while I like the idea of sending real, paper cards in the mail from my computer, I’m wondering how I could get all my contacts into the system.

I have several hundred names and addresses in an excel spreadsheet. Would I have to type each name and address into the send out cards website?

If there is an easier way to get them transferred, I would love to know about it.

Thanks for helping me with my computer, Dan

Send Out Cards

Dear Dan,

There is a way to import your Excel spreadsheet into the Send Out Cards contact manager. Lets get started:

Start by opening your list in your Excel spreadsheet.

It is important that each column in the spreadsheet starts with a header. For example, the column with first names listed, would have “First” for the header.

If there is no heading at the top of each column, add a row at the top, and type a heading for each column.

Once you have a heading for each column, you will need to add one more column at the end. The header for that last column will be “Group”. Each line in the “Group” column will have the same thing in it. Use a short, descriptive group name like “customers” or “family”.

Since you have several hundred contacts in your spreadsheet, type the group name in the first contact’s row, then either copy and paste, or use Excel to drag down and copy the cell contents to each cell in the column.

Save a copy of your spreadsheet as a “Text, (tab delimeted)” file. This is the format it needs to be in so that you can import it into your Send Out Cards contact manager. Click on “File” then, “Save As”, then in the “Save as type:” drop down list, select, “Text, (tab delimeted)”. Click on the “Save” button and click “OK” and “Yes” in the dialog boxes that appear.

Now you are ready to import your list of contacts into Send Out Cards.

Go to: and click on the “Login” button to log into your account.

Once you have logged in, click on “Contacts” in the red navigation bar, then click on “Groups” in the submenu.

Type the exact name of the group you created in your spreadsheet like “customers” or “family” be sure to make it exactly the same. Click the “Add Group” button to make your new, empty group.

Click on “Contacts” in the navigation bar again, and click on “Import” in the sub menu.

On the import page, follow the prompts to select the file you created and import the contacts. You can even watch a quick instructional video if you need some extra help.

Once you have imported your list, you can easily send a card or postcard to the entire list.

I hope this helps you get startd using Send Out Cards to its full potential.


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