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[ad]Hi Elizabeth,

You recently addressed the problem of how to increase the print size of web pages using Internet Explorer browser.

I am having the same problem but am using Firefox browser and use email program and Yahoo as my home page, therefore I have no small “Printer Icon” with the small arrow that you described using IE browser.

I wonder if you could tell me the steps of how I could increase the print size using Firefox web browser?

I am a recipient of your newsletter of many, many years and I learn something each week.

Thank you, Jeanette

Dear Jeanette,

You can access the print settings in Firefox, you just have to use a different method of getting to them.

Open Firefox, and go to the page that you want to print.

Tap the “Alt” key on your keyboard to display the Firefox menu bar.

In the menu bar, click on “File” and then “Page Setup”.

The Page Setup dialog box will open, and you will see a check box in front of “Shrink to fit Page Width”

Click to remove the check mark from the “Shrink to fit” setting.

While you are in this dialog box, you can also change the scale to whatever percentage you desire.

Click “OK” to save your changes and close the dialog box and you will now be able to print with a larger print size in Firefox.


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    • gmawathome
    • September 8, 2012

    Use control+ to increase, control- to reduce.

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