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Dear Computer Lady,

Thank you for helping me to learn how to use my computer. I have always read your newsletters but never thought I would be someone who would need your help. I am a computer novice and really enjoy your newsletters.

I have Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium computer. I need help with “InPrivate” browsing. I do not want it and do not know how to stop it. I cannot see my history of the web sites I have visited. I searched for help online but can’t find a way to stop the “InPrivate” browsing.

Can you help me? Thank you. Mikee


Dear Mikee,

InPrivate browsing is a feature of Internet Explorer that allows you to use the internet without leaving any traces of where you have been. I find it useful this time of year for those of us who share their computer with loved ones, but don’t want them to see where we have been Christmas shopping online.

Normally, you access InPrivate browsing by clicking on the “Tools” icon (the small gear located just under the right edge of the title bar) point to “Safety” then click on “InPrivate browsing”.

When you open Internet Explorer, however, InPrivate browsing should NOT be the default setting. If it is, chances are that either someone has changed the settings, or somehow the shortcut has become corrupted.

Changing the setting back, however, is not easy and requires that you edit the registry. I don’t recommend that you start editing the registry unless you are comfortable having to re-install Windows if something goes wrong. It would be better to have a local computer technician fix it for you.


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