Install Google Toolbar


Dear Computer Lady, 

I remember You described how to get Google Toolbar in one of your previous News-letters, but have since lost it.  Could You please send a copy of the instructions?

Kind regards, Max



Dear Max,

To install the Google Toolbar, go to Google at

Once you get to the Google home page, click on the link that says “More >>”, then click on the link that says, “Even More” and scroll down the page of Google services down to the Google Tools section. There, you will see a link to the Google toolbar. Click on the link, then click the big button that says “Download Google Toolbar” to start your download.

Once you have downloaded and installed that program, you will be protected from most pop-ups.

There are programs that will block more pop-up pages, but often users become frustrated because they also block pages that you want to get to. 



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