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Dear Computer Lady,
I have a question regarding Internet Explorer.   Lately I’ve been having trouble with pages freezing up and have to Alt/Cntrl/Del.   The Windows Task Manager comes up and will say the site I was on is not responding.    I’ll hit end now and then have to try and re-connect.  
I have IE 8 and Windows XP
Thanks for all the helpful advice each week, really appreciate it.


Dear Darla,

This is a fairly common problem when you are running one of the newest versions of Internet Explorer on an older operating system. A couple of reasons you might be experiencing this problem are:

1. Your computer does not have enough RAM and/or processing power to run the newer browser.

a. If this is the problem, you might be able to upgrade the RAM. Try using the memory advisor from to see what kind of RAM you need, and how much it would cost. You will find the memory advisor on my website in the right column.


2. Internet Explorer has become corrupted. I have seen this happen frequently on older computers.

a. The easiest way to fix this is to install and use another web browser like Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

b. Since Internet Explorer is part of the operating system, the only way to re-install it and get rid of the corrupt files is to erase the entire computer and do a fresh install of the operating system. This is a major procedure, you MUST backup any files you want to save first because you will lose them.

I would suggest that you start out by trying Chrome or Firefox and see if they work any better than IE.

If you have 500MB or less of RAM, you would benefit from upgrading to the maximum amount of RAM your computer can take. (The memory advisor will tell you how much RAM your computer will support, and how much it will cost)

I would save the re-install procedure for a last resort. This is something that I usually do here in my shop for customers, so if you live in the area, give me a call and we can talk about it.

One final note, since your computer is running Windows XP, be aware of how much money you are willing to put into a computer that is 5 years old or older. Look and see what a replacement computer would cost, and don’t spend more than 1/2 that amount on getting the old one fixed.


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    • alexnetherton
    • November 7, 2010

    Elizabeth, I have used Firefox for years, from version 1.x, and have never felt the need to return to Explorer. I have heard it called “Internet Exploder”, and it always seems to have security issues. I also like it due to the “add on” customizations I can do.

    I hate doing a re-install, but when I do, the only thing I use Explorer for is to download Firefox! (grin!)

    Enjoy, and thanks for what you do!!!

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