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[ad#acronisti]Dear Computer Lady,

I recently purchased a laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium installed. I am trying to find history on the Internet Explorer. I find that feature so helpful when using Windows XP. How is history searched in Vista?

Also, how do you get the down arrow appear on the Back button in Internet Explorer?

Thanks, Deidre

Dear Deidre,

Internet Explorer 7 which comes with Windows Vista, and also can be installed on Windows XP machines as a windows update does look a bit different than previous versions of Internet Explorer, and things have moved around a bit.

One of the changes is that the history has been grouped together with your favorites. Here is how to access them.

1. Open Internet Explorer 7.

2. Locate and click on the yellow star on the left edge of the window near the top.

3. When you click on the star, you will see three options across the top, Favorites, Feeds and History. Click on History.

4. Click on the day (or week) that you want to view the history for, then click on a website to go to that site.

In addition to changing the way you access the history, Internet Explorer has also streamlined the back and forward buttons. There used to be a down arrow for each button, one for the back button and one for the forward button. In Internet Explorer 7, there is only one down arrow, located to the right of the forward button, that works for both the back and forward button.


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