Internet Explorer Missing Toolbars

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Somehow, either in the process of installing Internet Explorer 10 or after, I have lost all my tool bars?

I mean ALL the tool bars like the file. print etc. plus the useful web pages I use.

What happened and how do I get them back?

You really do quite a service with your Computer Lady.

Thanks, Les

Dear Les,

While I can’t really tell you exactly what happened, I can tell you how to get your toolbars back.

First, when you are using Internet Explorer and you need to access a menu, but the menu bar is not displayed, just tap the, “Alt” key on your keyboard to temporarily display the menu bar.

Once you have the menu bar displayed, click on “View” in the menu bar, then point to “Toolbars” and click on the toolbar you want displayed to turn it on.

Repeat for each toolbar you want displayed.



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