Internet Explorer Not Working

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Do i need to keep internet explorer on my computer to have other programs run, because it is not working and I dont know where I can get free download on internet explorer.

If you know where i can get free internet explorer and delete the bad one, I would appreciate your help with this.

Thank you, B.

Dear B,

It is a good idea to keep Internet Explorer on your computer, in fact, since it is part of Windows, it is actually very difficult to remove.

Instead of removing Internet Explorer, you can always just install additional web browsers on your computer. They will work side by side with no problems. On my computer, I always have at least 3 browsers running so that I can see the website I am currently working on in different browsers.

My favorite browser is Google Chrome at:

Another popular browser is Mozilla Firefox at:

Because Internet Explorer is part of Windows, it is hard to totally remove and re-install. I would be able to give you more information on how to try fixing it if I knew what exactly was not working.



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    • Rhino
    • February 16, 2014

    If you know what version of Internet Explorer you currently have you can go to‎ to download another copy and reinstall it. That, however may not solve your problem if there is something funny going on behind the scenes, but should generally work. Obviously you would need to download it from another computer. But yes, there are other browser options, Chrome, Firefox, Opera (my personal favourite), Slimbrowser (which is based on IE) so feel free to go searching for alternatives.

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