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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Thank you for your get news information and teaching lessons. I appreciate all you give.

I have a problem with my Internet Explorer. I replaced my hard drive and re-installed it and now get an error message that I use an outdated version. Also, when I try to install updated version it does not work. It kicks it out.

Consequently, I can not visit some of the web pages that I used to visit.

I do not know how to resolve this problem. Any help is appreciated.

Peggy from Iowa

Dear Peggy,

The best way to update Internet Explorer is to use Windows Updates.

Just click on “Start”, then, all programs and click on “Windows Update”. Click the link to check for updates, then install them. You should always install the security updates, so this is a good time to do that as well.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, try using either Firefox or Chrome as your browser. You can safely download Firefox from or Chrome from

Please make sure you are downloading from these official websites, or you will end up with lots of malware on your system.



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