Is It Safe To Download Java?

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I have a window that always pops up from Java Autoupdater from Oracle America and asks if I want the following program to make changes to my computer.

I think this one is safe but just wanted to check before I click yes. I know that there was some issues with Java at one time so I wanted to check with you first.

Thanks so much for your help, Karen

Dear Karen,

I think it is great that you are so cautious when doing updates, I know that there are many web sites on the internet today that pretend to be one thing, and when you download that product, you get 20 other “products” that you never wanted along with it.

That is why I always check to make sure I am downloading a program from the website of the company that owns it. For example:

When I download Chrome, I make sure it is from Google’s website.

When I download CCleaner, I make sure it is from Piriform’s website.

When I download Acrobat Reader, I make sure it is from Adobe’s website.

When I download Java, I make sure it is from Oracle’s website.

Even then, when you download and install these programs, you have to read each screen carefully to make sure you are not agreeing to also install the latest toolbar or other program. Usually, you have to remove a check mark somewhere before you click “Next” or “OK”.

Java has had security issues in the past, but the company has been good about fixing those as soon as they are discovered, it should be safe to use now.

Since Oracle is the company that develops Java, it sounds like your pop-up is safe.



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