Is Malwarebytes Needed?

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I did a clean install of Windows, and everything seems ok again. I turned on Windows Defender.

I have been advised to install Malwarebytes as well. What is your opinion on what is needed with Windows Defender?

Thanks again, Brenda

Dear Brenda,

I think it is a good idea to install Malwarebytes on your computer. I have it installed on mine, and even though I am careful not to download anything that even looks like it might come with malware, every few weeks, it picks up something that has snuck into my computer.

Be careful when you go looking for it online though, often when you search for a program online, the search results show up with imposters that result in even more malware on your system.

I would suggest that you download Malwarebytes using the link on my site at:

Not only will this ensure that you are downloading the legitimate program, but if you decide to purchase it, part of the price will go to support this newsletter.


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