Is Windows Defender Enough?

Dear Computer Lady,

I heard that Windows Defender was Microsoft’s answer to a virus protection.

My Norton has expired, and I was wondering if Defender would do just as well–and it is already on the computer and Free.

What are your thoughts on this program?

Thank you, Kathy G

Dear Kathy,

Windows Defender is Microsoft’s answer to Malware protection, but not virus protection. Viruses, are programs that make copies of themselves and then spread themselves to other computers. Malware is a term that covers other types of malicious software programs that are not technically viruses. These are fast becoming more prevalent than the old fashioned virus. In fact, while it doesn’t hurt to have Windows defender installed and running on your computer, it should never be your only form of protection for your computer.

What we all need today is a full featured, antivirus, antimalware, firewall, spam and social media protector.

Since your Norton has already expired, I would encourage you to download and install a 30 day trial of the brand new version of AVG, it now includes protection for social media sites like Facebook and twitter, has a component to block junk mail messages, and costs less than most other security programs.


I use AVG on my computers here, and have not run into many of the problems that I have seen so many of my customers having. Most of my customers were using an antivirus similar to yours when they got infected, which is another reason that I stick with AVG instead of some of the more common programs.

I hope this helps you make your decision.


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    • mom24leggers
    • October 12, 2010

    I’ve had the free version of AVG on my laptop from day one. I recently began having problems so I downloaded the 30 day trial of AVG Internet Security. It caused my computer to freeze! I was finally able to uninstall the program. I then downloaded the latest version of AVG Free and encountered the same problem. My computer froze up tight. I again was finally able to uninstall that program. I have since downloaded the free version of Avast and have had no further problems.

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