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Dear Computer Lady;

Why are web sites hiding the “sign out” buttons? Would my accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In be jeopardized if I just close the tab or press Alt F4?

Sincerely, Bruce

Dear Bruce

You have asked a great question.

Personally, I always make sure that I log out or sign out of sites like my bank, and other financial sites.

As long as you are logging into sites like Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter from your own personal computer, you should be fine. When you are logging into any site from a public computer, always make sure you log out of the site before you close the page.

I would never use a public computer to log into a bank or other financial website, you just never know what has been installed on the computer. I keylogging program would make it easy for someone to learn your username and password for any site you log into.

I don’t really think that websites are “hiding” the log out buttons, I just think that they are trying to make the features that people use the most, more visible, and the less used features are usually inside a menu.

You can sign out of Facebook by simply clicking the drop down arrow in the upper-right corner of the page, and then click, “Log Out”.


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Elizabeth Boston is a Web designer, Social Media Consultant and managing editor of, “Ask The Computer Lady”.
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