Missing Address Bar

 Dear Computer Lady,

I am in need of your advice/help with this:

My husband used the computer over the weekend and it hasn’t been the same since! He was using the internet to play the minigolf game you had mentioned in the column and now I am unable to get the address bar back! (where you type in www.http etc.  Thus my sites I had used most recently seem to be missing too.  

Can you walk me through how to get this back? 
Thank you, Aleta

Dear Aleta

If your address bar in Internet Explorer is missing, here is how to get it back:

In Internet Explorer click on “View” in the menu bar, point to the “Toolbars” menu and then click on “Address Bar” in the submenu.

If the menu bar is not visible, just tap the “Alt” key on your keyboard to display it.


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