Missing Internet Explorer Icon

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a one year old laptop with Windows 7. This morning, I turned it on, and the icon for Internet Explorer that is always on my taskbar at the bottom of my screen is missing.

I use it every day, and all my favorites for work are in it. How do I get it back?

I hope you can help me with my computer problem.

Thanks, Heather

Dear Heather,

It sounds like you accidentally unpinned Internet Explorer from your taskbar.

Here is how to get it back:

1. Open Internet Explorer. Since it is not on your taskbar, you will have to find it in the start menu. Click on “Start”, go to “All Programs” and then click on “Internet Explorer”.

2. Once you have Internet Explorer open, you will see the icon on your taskbar.

3. Right click on the Internet Explorer icon on your taskbar, and in the context menu, click on “Pin This Program To Taskbar”.

Now, when you close Internet Explorer, the icon will still be on the taskbar.


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