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Dear Computer Lady,

When I go on line I usually open 6 windows, 4 to check my various email accounts, 1 for hometown newspaper, and one for an e-zine. My 3 brothers, all of whom I consider far more computer savvy than me, all think this is a strange and excessive habit. They each would only have 1 window open, etc.

 Am I so strange? I only have dial-up but don’t think it is all that slow for what I do.



Dear Marilyn,

If your computer habits are indeed strange and excessive, then they are excessive habits that we both share!

As I type this answer to you, I have 6 programs open, and 6 websites.

The open programs include Google Chrome web browser which has 6 tabs open for the 6 websites, Treepad which is the program that I use to put together my newsletters, Microsoft OneNote which I am currently typing in, Microsoft Outlook (my email program), a reminder window from Outlook reminding me that I have not finished this newsletter yet, and a Windows Media Center window where I am watching the ending of a show that I was too tired to stay up and watch last night.

Since this is the way I like to use my computer, I keep this in mind when upgrading to a new computer and make sure that it has the processing power and RAM to meet the demands that I put on it. If my computer was not powerful enough to run all these programs at once, I would be more careful about how many programs I keep open.

We all have different computer habits, and really the only thing you need to do is make sure your computer has enough power and speed to handle your needs. 


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