OneDrive Was Using All My Bandwidth

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I have been learning from and enjoying your newsletter for a long time. First I would like to help some of your readers.

For 5 months I could only use my email account through Verizon for three days. The first day I would be warned that I had used 75% of my download time, the second day 90%, and finally the third day my monthly allotment would be used and I could no longer access my email account or the web on my laptop.

I called Verizon…no help at all. I looked on the web and also found no help.

Finally had to take my computer in to a “genius” here in Florida. He found that it was One Drive. He turned it off and all is OK now. If anyone else has this problem, here might be the answer.


Dear Laurel,

It sounds like your internet connection has a limited amount of bandwidth.

OneDrive is a service from Microsoft that allows you to store and sync your files in the “Cloud” and then access them from any of your devices. This is great if you have an unlimited internet connection, but since keeping the files updated uses bandwidth, it is not so great for people with a limited amount.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, hopefully it will help someone else figure out where all their bandwidth is going.



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