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Dear Computer Lady,

Thank you for all the years of information, many of a great help.

Now I have a question, do you use an online password program. I have so many different passwords between work and home with loads of pieces of paper with each one on, that I thought maybe this might be the way to go and wonder what you thought of the different ones.

I have been getting emails from Dashlane and seeing I know nothing about these thought I would ask you.

Thank you, Barb

Dear Barb,

I have not used dashlane, but I have used an online password manager, lastpass for several years now.

I have one master password with Lastpass that I don’t have written down, and I don’t use for other sites. Using this one password, I keep track of all my other passwords. I also use it to store secure notes and information that I need to keep private.

Just like Dashlane, Lastpass is free to open an account, but also has a premium version for extra features.

Both programs appear to be secure and encrypt your data so that only you (or someone with your master password) can read it.



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