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Dear Computer Lady,

When I print from a web site, the entire page does not print. It seems that about 7-8 characters on the right side of the page are cut off. Can I change a setting to make this stop? Please tell me what I can do. 

Thank you, Melanie


Dear Melanie,

Web pages are usually designed for optimum viewing on the computer screen with little thought for printing. As computer screens get larger and have better resolutions, web pages get wider and wider.

There is, one thing you can do when printing one of these wider web pages, print in landscape mode. This will print across the long part of the paper.

In your web browser, click on “File” and then “Page Setup”.

In the “Page Setup” window, click to change the orientation from “Portrait” to “Landscape” and click “OK”.

Another option you can use, is to copy the text you want to print, and print it using Word or whatever word processing program you currently own.


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