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Dear Computer Lady,

I was rather surprised and a little dismayed that you were recommending and were excited about a spy-ware program.  How can I know that I don’t have somebody monitoring me? Which brings me back to: why are you recommending one of these programs?





Dear Elaine,

The two programs I advertise are meant as parental tools. I talk to many parents who simply don’t know what to do about their teenage children using the computer while they are at work.

Our children today use computers in school and most teenagers know more about computers than their parents do. They can easily use the computer all afternoon and then erase all evidence of their activity just before Mom or Dad gets home. 

It gives parents peace of mind to know that they don’t have to worry about what the kids are viewing online or who they are communicating with while they are at work. It is not spyware like you hear about on the internet since you cannot buy this software and then install it on a computer unless you have access to that computer in the first place.

Eblaster and Spector are both great tools for parents. I installed one of them on my 17 year old son’s computer and told him it was there. He is careful where he goes on the internet because he knows I can check on him.

Learn more about Eblaster here.

Learn more about Spector here.


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