Proxy Server Connection Failed

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Have been receiving your information for several months and do share this with the computer club with which I am associated.

I do have an issue and could use some assistance.I keep getting message and shutting down “proxy server connection failed” and to the best of my knowledge have no relationship with a proxy server. Information I have researched indicates proxy servers are used primarily by organizations and companies.

I have an HP Pavillon using Windows Vista (no issues) accessing the Internet using Google Chrome and attempt to use Internet Explorer.


Dear Arlys,

It sounds like you have some malware infecting your system.

Many malware infections set a proxy on the machines they infect so that all of the computers internet traffic is funneled through a specified server. Sometimes they do this so that they can get paid for bombarding you with ads, or they might try selling you a program that will “fix” the problem.

Your local computer repair shop should be able to remove the malware and turn off the proxy settings for you.



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