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Dear Computer Lady,

Do you have to have internet explorer on your computer? I haven’t used it in a couple of years I read my mail from


Dear Ian,

You do not have to have Internet Explorer installed on your computer, however, since it is part of Windows, it is rather difficult to get rid of.

I would suggest that you leave it installed, and just delete any shortcuts from your desktop or toolbars.

If you want to try removing IE, just follow these directions:

1. Click on the “Start” button, then click on “Control Panel”.

2. In the Control Panel, click on “Programs”, then click on “Turn Windows Features on or off”.

3. Wait for the list of Windows features to load, then find Internet Explorer and click to remove the check mark.

4. Finally, click the “OK” button to save your changes and close the dialog box.



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    • garybeafl
    • June 15, 2013

    Internet Explorer is the only way to access Windows Update. It also is the only browser installed on many computers and without it you have no way to access the internet. Think twice before you remove it.

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